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The Vehicle Group (TVG) specialise in bespoke vehicle CCTV solutions. We have our own state-of-the art Research & Development Facility. We have over 100 employees, including dedicated software engineers, lab technicians, analysts and product designers. All this ensures a smooth delivery and on-going support with our vehicle CCTV products. Unlike anyone in our sector, we also manufacture our own vehicle CCTV camera called Oculux, which we’ve specifically designed for the rigours of HGV, van, commercial vehicle and the emergency services.

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The CCTV camera built for HGV, commercial vehicles, vans and the emergency services

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When you’re deciding on which vehicle CCTV solution is right for your fleet, you need to consider that most current vehicle camera systems are sourced from the Far East. The ever increasing popularity of these CCTV cameras means demand has dramatically increased; resultantly the quality and reliability of them has decreased. We know this because at TVG we’ve been batch testing cameras from the Far East for the last 10 years. Seeing this alarming trend towards an inferior product, TVG began designing its own vehicle CCTV camera, specifically for HGV, van, commercial vehicle and the emergency services. After two years in design and development, we’re proud to announce Oculux to the vehicle CCTV market place.

Over 2 years in development and now manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in North Yorkshire, Oculux is the only vehicle CCTV camera designed specifically for the challenges of commercial heavy goods vehicle and emergency service vehicle use. Some of the key features include:

  • Successfully passed military spec vibration resistance and submersion testing
  • Injection moulded, anti-shock and life-time guaranteed casings
  • The best low light vehicle CCTV image reproduction technology on the market
  • Advanced water repellent, anti-reflection and ultra tough anti-abrasion coatings
  • Over 2.1 million pixels and 1080P HD at 19:8 aspect ratio – More than double standard vehicle CCTV density
  • Conforms to the highest ingress protection (IP) ratings of IP68 and IP6K9K
  • The Oculux Vehicle CCTV Camera has undergone our bespoke HGV resilience testing procedures. Every camera that leaves our facility has to pass a thorough operational readiness test.
  • The only external vehicle CCTV camera purpose built for commercial, heavy goods, plant and industrial vehicle use

Every supplier of vehicle CCTV camera systems has the same manifest of overseas cameras to choose from – except TVG. At TVG we’re not limited to finding cameras from third party suppliers, that’s because we’ve made our own, we’ve made it here in the UK and we’ve made it much better than anything else currently on the market. We call our vehicle CCTV camera Oculux; and it’s the only purpose built external HGV CCTV camera that carries the ‘Made In Britain’ Marque. Whereas most external HGV cameras on the market are retrofitted building CCTV cameras, Oculux is the only vehicle CCTV camera designed for the rigours of HGV use.

By simply re-programming the camera and/or changing the casing and fixings, the Oculux camera can be used in all required vehicle CCTV scenarios, such as: forward facing, rear and side positing. With its simple plug and play systems, cloud based software and over the air diagnostics, it’s the obvious investment for your fleets vehicle CCTV and camera telematics requirements.

Leading CCTV telematics solutions

VisionPro Vehicle Camera Telematics Logo

  • Connected camera telematics for Live-View & download
  • Driver behaviour coaching tool
  • Instant event reporting and footage download
  • Instant collision event notification
  • Remote error diagnostics
VisionPro Connected DVR Vehicle CCTV

Combine VisionPro with FleetPro and TachoPro to have all your fleet management, tacho data and vehicle CCTV integrated in one place.


Choose TVG for your fleet’s vehicle CCTV


Live notifications when a vehicle CCTV camera malfunctions or the unit stops recording

On Demand

Live-View or remote download vehicle CCTV footage whenever required


Online driver coaching and daily de-brief portal to help improve driving standards

Tamper Proof

Protection against unauthorised vehicle CCTV access

Cloud Based

Access all your vehicle CCTV footage online, through TVGs ISO27001 accredited web portal

Driver Alarm

Driver activated panic button that activates vehicle CCTV recording

OEM Approved

Vehicle specific looms and wiring systems, approved by all the leading OEMs


Gain access to footage and reports immediately after an accident has happened


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Prevents driver fatigue & distraction in real time

  • Proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%
  • Intervened in more than 70,000 fatigue events
  • Detected more than 3,500,000 distraction events to date



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FORS Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum vehicle CCTV systems

  • Front and nearside Oculux camera
  • Offside and rear Oculux camera
  • 2TB vehicle CCTV hard drive
  • FNOL instant vehicle CCTV footage download
  • In-cab monitor, driver alarm
  • Ultrasonic blind spot sensors
  • Audible vehicle reversing / turning alert system
FORS Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Systems from TVG

Providing vehicle CCTV solutions to the UK’s largest fleets

The Vehicle Group is the supplier of choice for many well known brands and large fleets. We take great pride in helping to ensure the efficient and effective management of their vehicle CCTV requirements.

Waitrose Tracking and HGV camera solutions
Lock Systems for British Gas
Travis Perkins HGV camera solutions
Vehicle Camera Telematics for DX Freight
HGV CCTV for The John Lewis Group
Fleet CCTV Solutions for ASDA
FedEx Vehicle Camera Telematics
DPD Vehicle CCTV by TVG

Vehicle CCTV OEM approved by the worlds leading manufacturers

Our vehicle CCTV manufacturing standards and processes ensure that OEMs like what we do. All our products are vehicle specific, because we design bespoke OEM wiring harnesses and parts. This means with TVG your vehicle warranty is always protected.

IZUZU Camera Telematics OEM Manufacturer
VOLVO HGV Vehicle CCTV OEM Manufacturer
MAN Vehicle CCTV OEM Manufacturer
Volkswagon Camera Telematics
IVECO Camera Telematics OEM Manufacturer
SCANIA HGV Vehicle CCTV OEM Manufacturer
Ford Vehicle Telematics
Renault HGV Vehicle CCTV OEM Manufacturer
DAF Vehicle CCTV OEM Manufacturer
CITROEN Vehicle CCTV OEM Manufacturer
Mercedes HGV Vehicle CCTV OEM Manufacturer