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From overlocking systems to electronic slam locks and anti-drill attack solutions, we are the fleet & vehicle security experts.

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We provide a range of additional OEM approved fleet and vehicle security solutions for many of the UK’s well known brands.
We will keep your fleet and cargo secure with our additional vehicle security.

Armadillo Overlocking
Prevent forced entry with our 10 year, zero break-in external overlocking system.

Electronic locking systems, designed for multi drop operations.

Anti-Drill Plates
A highly visible deterrent that prevents lock drilling attacks on any commercial vehicle.

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Armadillo Overlocking

Prevent forced entry with our Armadillo external over-locking system for doors and compartments. 10 years. Zero break-ins. 100% success

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About Armadillo

The Armadillo lock is a unique locking system that prevents forced entry to vehicles. Externally fitted to rear and side doors, it has two parts which interlock, joining the vehicle door to the main structure. It cannot be prised open and it is angled to deflect blunt force blows from a hammer or other tools. British Gas have been using this lock for almost a decade and have had zero successful break-ins. This cost effective vehicle lock is a must for protecting valuable cargo.

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ElectroLock – Slam Lock

Provides load space security in the harshest delivery conditions. All the benefits of central locking without the drawbacks

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About ElectroLock

Central locking and unlocking gives great convenience, but it also leaves unattended doors vulnerable to thieves. While your driver goes for goods or tools in one door, a thief can gain access to another. ElectroLock minimises risk by unlocking just a single door and automatically re-locking it after a user-determined time, or when the driver touches the key to the reader on the door. ElectroLock ensures that the vehicle cannot be accidentally or carelessly left unlocked.

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Anti-Drill Plates

Protects locks, rods and inner handles from drilling attacks on all types of vehicle. The industry standard for anti-drill security.

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About Anti-Drill Plates

Anti-Drill Plates are custom-fitted for each type of vehicle to ensure seamless integration with the vehicle design, as well as increasing vehicle security by protecting key parts of the rear and side doors. Drill resistant steel prevents thieves from forcing access to the locking rod or inner door handles. The clearly labelled external plate has a lasting finish and is a visible deterrent to thieves. Anti-Drill Plates are inexpensive and easy to install. It’s a fit-and-forget product which will carry on protecting your vehicle for years.

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OEMTech. Made to an OE standard. Made in the UK.

Our high standards put us at the forefront of aftermarket vehicle safety and security products
and solutions. That’s why our Strategic Partners and OEMs love what we do.

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We’re looking for distributors to join our growing dealer network. As a distributer you’ll get access to our current product range, including our additional vehicle security and updates on the range of ground breaking products currently in development.

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Designed & developed in the UK, specifically for commercial vehicle use.

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True automotive solar solutions with our higher yield solar controller.

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Spoken message warning system with multiple messages from the same device.

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VCA Certified

TVG’s technology, design, manufacturing facilities and quality assurance services have been inspected and approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency. One of the many reasons OEMs work directly with us. We’d love to talk to you about how we’re helping OEMs, Strategic Partners and our growing Dealer Network. Start a conversation today!
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Our accreditations include schemes to protect vulnerable road users, best practice installation methods, ISO9001 and the highly esteemed ‘Made In Britain’ Marque. Our Corporate Responsibility Regulations include anti modern day slavery, anti human trafficking and anti discrimination policies.

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