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We are developing new technologies in solar, automotive camera and radar for our Strategic Partners & OEMs - find out more!

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Made in Britain

We’re proud to be a British Innovation and Manufacturing business and when you work with us, you’re supporting “Made in Britain” too!

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Ground Breaking Automotive Products …

We’re looking for distributors of our best in class products and solutions to join our growing dealer network, fin out more!

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Innovative solutions for innovative businesses & OEM

Just a few examples of projects we’ve completed with Strategic Partners & OEMs …

Lytx, world leading providers of telematics and Driver Safety programmes, have partnered with TVG OEM Tech on the development of their auxiliary camera solution and ancillary Direct Vision Standard Safety Equipment. Based on existing Oculux Vehicle Camera Technology, OEMTech have developed a bespoke solution.
Working to a requirement from FedEx, TVG OEMTech together with Daimler have developed the most successful panel van overlocking system in UK/EU. Now deployed in over 20 countries, the system has exceeded all expectations in reliability, driver acceptance and resistance to the most determined attack.
Working to a requirement from Royal Mail Parcel Force and MAN, TVG OEMTech have developed a new hybrid cargo area locking system that is integrated with the OEM remote control and OEM alarm. The Autolock System ensure the doors are locked and the alarm set when necessary.
Working to a requirement from Royal Mail and PSA, TVG OEMTech have developed a parking brake status system that alerts the driver if the parking brake is not applied, or only partially applied, when exiting the vehicle.

If you’re an OEM, or potential Strategic Partner looking to discuss a bespoke solution in automotive safety, security or solar, please get in touch by clicking the enquire button below.

Access ground breaking innovations

As a distributor, you’ll get access to our current product range, as well as updates on the innovative, ground breaking products currently in development.

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Spoken message warning system with multiple messages from the same device.

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Designed & developed in the UK, specifically for commercial vehicle use.

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Ultra Wide Angle blindspot and manoeuvring CCTV system powered by Oculux.

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True automotive solar solutions with our higher yield solar controller.

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For more information about becoming a distributor, please click on the enquire button below.

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We work closely with our Strategic Partners & OEMs to develop ground-breaking aftermarket automotive safety & security products. We have our own Research & Development Technology Centre and our own UK based manufacturing facilities, find out more below.

1. Consult & Design

At TVG we have our own in-house team of Mechanical, Electronic, Systems and Software Engineers, with TVG you’re accessing industry leading expertise.

2. Manufacture & Test

TVG operates its own production facility, continually managing and testing the production of our all components to guarantee longevity and reliability.

3. Support & Train

We’re happy to install our products, or we can show you how to do it. Either way, we’ll provide you with all the support & training you need to fit to our high standards.

If you’re an OEM, or potential Strategic Partner looking to discuss a unique solution in automotive safety, security or solar, please get in touch by clicking the enquire button below.

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Advanced automotive camera solutions

OEMTech. Quality. Reliability. Longevity

Our high standards put us at the forefront of aftermarket vehicle safety and security products and solutions. That’s why our Strategic Partners and OEMs love what we do.

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Advanced spoken message warning systems


Our accreditations include schemes to protect vulnerable road users, best practice installation methods, ISO9001 and the highly esteemed ‘Made In Britain’ Marque. Our Corporate Responsibility Regulations include anti modern day slavery, anti human trafficking and anti discrimination policies.

VCA Certified

TVG’s technology, design, manufacturing facilities and quality assurance services have been inspected and approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency. One of the many reasons OEMs work directly with us. We’d love to talk to you about how we’re helping OEMs, Strategic Partners and our growing Dealer Network. Start a conversation today!
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