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Power your fleet with the very latest Green Fleet Technology. Reduce emissions, maintenance costs and fuel costs.

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Utilise fleet solar to reduce emissions, save fuel and lower maintenance costs.

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Save fuel & Reduce emissions


Delivery Vans

We can offer bespoke panel sizes to find the optimum solution for your vehicle type and we have our own unique solar controller. Talk to us today to find out how we can offer you the best ROI for fleet solar.

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A new kind of Solar Controller

The solar controller is just as important as the solar panels when it comes to maximum solar efficiency. Our unique proprietary controller has been designed specifically for automotive use in UK and European weather conditions. It is unique in the vehicle solar technology market, here’s why:

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Automotive Solar Panels

Our panels are 3mm thin, shatterproof, flexible, self cleaning and have outstanding performance and power conversion. The solar panels are applied directly to the vehicle roof and can be produced in bespoke sizes to suit the requirement.

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Ground breaking innovations. Made in the UK

We’re looking for distributors to join our growing dealer network. As a distributer you’ll get access to our current product range and updates on the range of ground breaking products currently in development.

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Designed & developed in the UK, specifically for commercial vehicle use.

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Ultra Wide Angle blindspot and manoeuvring CCTV system powered by Oculux.

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Spoken message warning system with multiple messages from the same device.

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For more information about becoming a distributor, please click on the enquire button below.

VCA Certified

TVG’s technology, design, manufacturing facilities and quality assurance services have been inspected and approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency. One of the many reasons OEMs work directly with us. We’d love to talk to you about how we’re helping OEMs, Strategic Partners and our growing Dealer Network. Start a conversation today!
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Our accreditations include schemes to protect vulnerable road users, best practice installation methods, ISO9001 and the highly esteemed ‘Made In Britain’ Marque. Our Corporate Responsibility Regulations include anti modern day slavery, anti human trafficking and anti discrimination policies.

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