SideSafe – The Cyclist Detection System

Many accidents occur when a vehicle is turning left and a cyclist on the nearside cannot be seen. Incidents like this can be avoided by utilising the SideSafe system from TVG. The system warns the driver when a cyclist or pedestrian is detected in close proximity to the nearside blind spot. A simple “vehicle turning left” audio warning might not give the cyclist or pedestrian enough time to get out of the way.  An audio and visual warning to the driver is much more effective.

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How does SideSafe work

The SideSafe System has four ultrasonic sensors mounted on the nearside of the vehicle and a warning system inside the cab. When the vehicle slows to 10mph, the system activates and will monitor that area for cyclists or pedestrians. If a pedestrian or cyclist is detected, the traffic light’ display warns the driver visibly. As the distance between them and the vehicle drops to less than 400mm, a sound warns the driver.

SideSafe gives the driver enough warning times to adjust his manoeuvre. Combine this powerful product with the CVAS system by TVG and you can warn the pedestrian or cyclist too.

What are the benefits?

  • An LED traffic light display and an audio alert in the cab warns the driver
  • You can integrate the SideSafe system with any vehicle CCTV package
  • Increase your drivers awareness
  • Increase pedestrian and cyclist safety


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FORS Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum vehicle safety systems

  • Front and nearside Oculux camera
  • Offside and rear Oculux CCTV
  • 2TB hard drive
  • FNOL instant footage download
  • In-cab monitor, driver alarm
  • Ultrasonic blind spot sensors
  • Audible vehicle reversing / turning alert system
FORS Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Systems from TVG

Some of the fleets we work with

The Vehicle Group is the supplier of choice for many well known brands and large fleets. We take great pride in helping to ensure the efficient and effective management of their vehicle CCTV and delivering them a significant ROI.

Waitrose Tracking and HGV camera solutions
Lock Systems for British Gas
Travis Perkins HGV camera solutions
Vehicle Camera Telematics for DX Freight
HGV CCTV for The John Lewis Group
Fleet CCTV Solutions for ASDA
FedEx Vehicle Camera Telematics
DPD Vehicle CCTV by TVG