Advanced 270° field of vision Oculux camera

TVG’s Ultra Wide Angle vehicle CCTV camera system. Powered by Oculux.


Advanced 270° field of vision Oculux camera

TVG’s Ultra Wide Angle vehicle CCTV camera system. Powered by Oculux


Say goodbye to blind spots!


A full 270° image on one screen, with one camera position. Comes with 10 or 7" monitor, or OEM monitor integration


Driver, speed or sensor activated, CornerView is designed to work seamlessly in any scenario


Make manoeuvring easier, keep pedestrians, equipment and staff safe


Made in the UK by TVG, powered by Oculux HGV camera technology

Vehicle CCTV powered by


Designed for HGV and commercial vehicle use. Only made by TVG.

When you’re deciding on which vehicle CCTV solution is right for your fleet, you need to consider that most suppliers source their cameras from third parties. At TVG we make our own. No one else has access to it. With TVG you get a totally unique product. 

Starting from scratch, we designed a vehicle CCTV camera specifically for HGV, van, commercial vehicle and the emergency services. After two years in design and development, we’re proud to announce Oculux® to the vehicle CCTV market place.

Oculux® is without doubt the most advanced vehicle CCTV camera on the market. We invite any potential customer to ask us to demonstrate the difference. After all, seeing is believing! 

Over 2 years in development and now manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in North Yorkshire, Oculux® is the only vehicle CCTV camera designed specifically for the challenges of commercial, heavy goods vehicle and emergency service vehicle use.

Some of the key features include:

  • Tested to military standard vibration, impact, resistance, corrosion and submersion criteria
  • Injection moulded, anti-shock and life-time guaranteed casings
  • The best low light vehicle CCTV image reproduction technology on the market
  • Advanced water repellent, anti-reflection and ultra tough anti-abrasion coatings
  • Over 2.1 million pixels and 1080P HD at 19:8 aspect ratio – more than double standard vehicle CCTV density
  • Conforms to the highest ingress protection (IP) ratings of IP68 and IP69K
  • The Oculux® vehicle CCTV camera has undergone our bespoke HGV resilience testing procedures. Every camera that leaves our facility has to pass a thorough operational readiness test.
  • The only external vehicle CCTV camera purpose built for commercial, heavy goods, plant and industrial vehicle use

Every supplier of vehicle CCTV camera systems has the same manifest of overseas cameras to choose from – except TVG.

At TVG we’re not limited to finding cameras from third party suppliers, that’s because we’ve made our own, we’ve made it here in the UK and we’ve made it much better than anything else currently on the market. 

We call our vehicle CCTV camera Oculux®; and it’s the only purpose built external HGV CCTV camera that carries the ‘Made In Britain’ marque.

Whether it's forward facing, side mounted or rear - Oculux® is the obvious choice. We invite any potential customer to see the difference for themselves. 

By simply re-programming the camera and/or changing the casing and fixings, the Oculux® camera can be used in all required vehicle CCTV scenarios, such as: forward facing, rear and side positing. This completely new and innovative approach results in quicker install and deployment, consistent footage quality, consistent build quality, better compatibility and less vehicle downtime during maintenance and/or replacement.   

With its simple plug and play systems, cloud based software and over the air diagnostics, it’s the obvious investment for your fleets vehicle CCTV and camera telematics requirements.

Low Light Vehicle CCTV Camera
CornerView 1
CornerView 2
CornerView 3

Choose CornerView

With TVG’s CornerView® you can literally eliminate blind spots around your vehicle. It’s the perfect solution for vehicles that often perform complex manoeuvring and work in urban areas. Because it’s powered by Oculux®, it works especially well in low light conditions.

The CornerView® system from TVG combines the latest image enhancement and wide angle lens technology with our high performance Oculux® camera to create a market leading product that offers over 2.1 million pixels and 1080P HD at 19:8 aspect ratio. CornerView® benefits the user with a 270° view span, much better than Class V & VI mirrors.

Corner view vehicle CCTV wide angle manoeuvring camera

CornerView 4 Since installing CornerView on our fleet,
we’ve taken manoeuvring related
incidents down to zero.
The system has already paid for itself. CornerView 5

BOOM transport

"Since installing CornerView on our fleet, we’ve taken manoeuvring related
incidents down to zero. The system has already paid for itself."

BOOM transport

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