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With fleet vehicle and asset theft a common issue for fleet-based businesses, many of them are now looking for ways to minimise the costs associated with theft. However, that isn’t the only issue facing fleet managers. According to the Department of Transport’s most recent update on travel statistics* personal use of company vehicles account for a quarter of miles travelled in those vehicles.

Issues like these are frequently reported and both can have a negative fiscal impact on business, as well as causing reputational problems from the downtime caused by the loss of vehicles and assets.

Although the cost of theft is an obvious one, many companies overlook the cost of unauthorised vehicle use even though personal trips can add wear and tear and increase both mileage on the vehicle and fuel consumption. All of which can add unnecessary costs onto the business.

To help reduce the risks associated with theft or unauthorised use of a fleet, many fleet-based businesses are implementing a fleet management solution. By using the telematics available within the system, you can reduce the likelihood of your vehicles being lost or stolen and crack down on personal use.

But how can this technology help prevent asset theft and unauthorised vehicle use?

Asset tracking

GPS asset tracking is a standard feature for fleet management systems and with good reason. Being able to track stolen vehicles and assets reduces the chances of non-recovery and can help with locating the vehicles in real-time.

This real-time location data can ensure your vehicles and assets are being used in the correct manner and can provide the evidence needed to take action against any drivers who are not adhering to your vehicle usage policies.

To help make sure your drivers are not using your fleet for personal use, it is recommended that you use a fleet management system provider that has route history and stops as part of their asset tracking functionality and telematics.


Geofencing is one of the best ways to counter unauthorised vehicle use and improve security for your fleet, wherever they are. Geofencing is simply putting a virtual fence around certain locations using mapping software, so you can be notified if a vehicle or asset crosses the boundaries you have in place.

By setting up geofences in your fleet management system, you can get real-time alerts if your vehicle is moved outside of these areas, allowing you to take immediate action. You can also create geofences around the established routes of your drivers, so you know instantly if your driver has to reroute, and you can check whether this is due to an incident, or the driver is simply conducting personal duties on business time.

CCTV & Video Telematics

It is worth considering implementing a fleet management solution that has cloud connected vehicle CCTV and video telematics. This gives you the ability to see real time live view from wherever you have chosen to install your cameras.

Long gone are the days when dash cam was the only view you had, you can now install rear cameras, side cameras and cargo area cameras, allowing you to keep track of your vehicles and provide evidence and substantiate insurance claims in case of vehicle, asset, or cargo theft.

By being able to access this real-time footage, and your drivers knowing they are being recorded in real-time, they are less likely to use their fleet vehicle for personal use and prevent unnecessary additional costs to your business.


Protect your assets and prevent unauthorised use of your vehicles with The Vehicle Group

Our fleet management system and software have the most extensive list of features for any telematics platform on the market. Not only can we help your business prevent theft, increase your chances of vehicle and asset recovery, and protect against the costs involved with unauthorised personal use of a vehicle, we can provide you with the capabilities to improve and simplify your fleet management into one, easy solution.

Our fully integrated system gives you the platform to take back control of your fleet by being able to track the location and status of your vehicles in real time, reducing the costs incurred from downtime and stolen assets.

So, what makes us better?

  • Cloud hosted vehicle CCTV and video telematics that are combined with the best vehicle camera on the market today. Our state of the art, low light, 1080p HD cameras offer the best CCTV footage in the market. Powered by Oculux, the multi-cameras are specifically made for HGV, vans, and commercial vehicles, giving access where you need it most. Our footage can not only provide a deterrent, but can dispute liability and challenge fraudulent claims, all backed by our platform’s footage library. With the ability for historical downloads via your web browser.
  • We also offer trailer tracking and security, so we can track unauthorised movements and can track both vehicles AND trailers. We also offer a driver panic button in case of attempted theft whilst your diver is still in the vehicle.
  • Our solution also comes with additional sensor monitoring, so we know if and when a trailer door has been opened, allowing you to act against potential asset or cargo theft.
  • Our geofencing comes with GPS tracking for both vehicles and assets and gives you real-time alerts to your mobile, including route history functionality, so you know where your drivers and vehicles are at all times.
  • If you feel a comprehensive solution is not feasible or not needed for your business, we can configure our software so you can choose the features that work for you. Or if you’re happy with your current telematics provider and you are simply looking to upgrade to a vehicle CCTV solution, we’ve got you covered, we can provide side, rear, load area and even in-cab camera solutions.

We understand that sometimes it can take businesses some time to get used to a different platform and system, so that is why we provide UK based platform and product support and training. Our software is easy to implement and easy to use, with clear dashboards and processes, but we offer virtual online training to help you achieve a smooth rollout of the software and a dedicated UK account manager.

We have provided solutions to over 50% of the UK’s largest fleet operators. We take great pride in helping ensure the efficient and effective management of their fleet’s CCTV, safety, security and telematic requirements. So, if you are looking for a fleet management solution to help your business succeed then why not contact us here at The Vehicle Group: 0345 0 60 50 40 for a free demo. *

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