How Unified Telematics can improve your fleet management

Fleet management solutions powered by telematics technology have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years thanks to improved automation.

With successful fleet management being one of the most important aspects of a thriving business, it is imperative that any telematics solution implemented into your business is both cost productive and efficient to help maintain stability and growth. However, a unified telematics-based fleet management platform can have considerable benefits, especially if you have a large fleet that needs to be managed, as the more likely it is that any weaknesses or pain points within your current processes can become serious issues.

Even for smaller businesses, a telematics solution can improve your fleet management. By choosing the right provider who will allow you to choose the telematics functionality that you need and works for you, you don’t have to implement a comprehensive solution that may not provide the necessary return on investment.

So, what are the benefits to implementing a unified telematics solution?

Improved Safety

Due to the nature of the industry, road safety is an area of concern for most businesses and is an important part of fleet management. This doesn’t just mean ensuring the safety of your drivers, but of your assets and other road users.

A telematics solution is an ideal platform from which to improve your fleet safety, as the reporting and monitoring telematics can give you a real-time insight into driver behaviours. If you choose a telematics provider with camera and video capabilities, you can use this footage to dispute liability and challenge fraudulent claims, as well as using it as a driver education tool.

Being able to monitor driver performance on acceleration, braking, idling and speed and generate detail report cards allows you to be proactive in your approach in ensuring safer driving styles and reducing the risk of accidents.

Knowing everything is recorded in real-time can improve the overall safety and performance of your drivers and help them take better care of your assets.

Help with Business Growth

Having a good fleet management system in place is essential for business growth, regardless of the size of your enterprise.  

By implementing a telematics solution and using the system to improve your fleet management, your business then has a firm and secure base from which to build their business. Any growth is good, but if you haven’t got the foundations to support your business as it scales up, then you are more likely to have a poor outcome.

Telematics can help as you add drivers to your workforce by being able to update and schedule new tasks remotely, as well as being able to view the status and location of your field staff so you can make smart and fast dispatch decisions.

This overview from your telematics functionality means you can optimise your driver’s routes and drops and maximise the efficiency and productivity of your business. Both of which are essential components of growth.

Improving Cost efficiency

One of the best benefits of a telematic solution is improving the cost efficiency of your business. Telematics data can provide comprehensive and granular reports, so you have control of exactly what you are spending, where any wastage is occurring and where.

Because fuel expenses are one of the biggest outlays, it makes sense that this is where businesses can make cost efficient savings. Fuel tracking data is a huge benefit of telematics, as well as the route optimisation features, allowing you to reduce the cost of each journey and monitor your less productive operations. By identifying your drivers with a higher fuel consumption, you can help them become more efficient, rather than let those fuel costs continue to rise.  

A telematics solution also offers an overview of your fleet utilisation and with real-time asset tracking, you can take the appropriate action to optimise your efficiency.

Although telematics technology may look like a significant financial outlay, automating your fleet management by implementing a unified telematics solution as part of your overall business administration, can help your business or organisation to gain the maximum amount of value from your assets and business strategy, whilst reducing both the time and resources spent on manual processes. Being able to effectively monitor and track all areas of your fleet and the complex tasks associated with fleet management, ensures you will get a high ROI from implementing an automated telematics solution.   

Unified Telematics from The Vehicle Group

With our comprehensive software package that includes the latest in innovative technology and unified telematics, The Vehicle Group offers FleetPro – a fully integrated fleet management solution with the capabilities to improve and simplify your fleet management into one, easy solution.   

At The Vehicle Group, our unified telematics can help your business by offering all the management tools and features needed to maximise the benefits from any fleet and operations, all in one place. By using our telematics to automate and streamline your management processes and improve your control, we offer a platform from which your business can succeed.  

We have the most extensive list of features for any telematics platform on the market.   

  • Fleet management & Asset Tracking including vehicle tracking in real-time, geofence and alerts and route history reporting
  • Multi-cam & AI Video Telematics connected to the cloud, so you can view your fleet in real-time and have access to a historical download
  • Real-time Tachograph download so you calculate correct hourly rates and stay compliant with industry and driver regulations
  • Driver & Manager Mobile phone apps which allows immediate scheduling of tasks and instant updates. Keeping your projects and delivery running smoothly
  • Trailer Tracking & Security so you can track unauthorised movements or a stolen vehicle/trailer and protect your drivers with a panic button
  • Sensor monitoring for your trucks and trailers, so you have access to your axle weight data
  • Driver performance and fuel usage monitoring as well as route optimisation to keep fuel costs low
  • Centralised record keeping and service notifications, improve your green credentials and go paperless with your inspections
  • Driver Performance and Risk insight allows you to improve fleet safety with automatic incident uploads including severity rating and CCTV footage

Our unified telematics capabilities offer more control to your business, putting you in the driving seat and enabling you to respond more quickly to unexpected challenges and situations. Ideal for protecting your assets and drivers during any incident.  

We understand that sometimes it can take businesses some time to get used to a different platform and system, so that is why we provide UK based platform and product support and training. Our software is easy to implement and easy to use, with clear dashboards and processes, but we offer virtual online training to help you achieve a smooth rollout of the software and a dedicated UK account manager.  

We have provided solutions to over 50% of the UK’s largest fleet operators. We take great pride in helping ensure the efficient and effective management of their fleet’s CCTV, safety, security and telematic requirements. So, if you are looking for a fleet management solution to help your business succeed then why not contact us here at The Vehicle Group: 0345 0 60 50 40 for a free demo.  

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