How Artificial Intelligence is becoming the future of Fleet Management

How Artificial Intelligence is becoming the future of Fleet Management

As technology advances and digitalisation has become standard practice for businesses that want to have a competitive edge in increasingly saturated markets, it was simply a matter of time before innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) became part of available, mainstream technological solutions.

Automation is well known for the streamlining of processes and increasing efficiency and productivity, especially regarding the repetitive manual tasks and complex procedures that are found in fleet management. Automation can improve contract management and mitigate risk, but as technology and infrastructure expands, the natural successor to automation was always going to artificial intelligence. AI and machine learning has been around for a while, but is beginning to seep more into business consciousness, and although AI and its integration is far from the finished article, it has already created tools that can be implemented within your business today and has provable benefits for the future of fleet management.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence and more specifically, the machine learning that is being integrated into fleet management software, works by algorithms. Algorithms can be shown examples of data and the algorithm learns this data and identifies any patterns. Or in this case, the telematics provided by your system. This can then be used to analyse and report on behaviours, incidents, opportunities, and risk.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence in fleet management?

By using AI and machine learning to analyse and adapt to changing vehicle regulations and environments, it could have a significant transformative effect on the transport industry if it continues to develop. The role of machine learning in fleet management software is to simplify the telematic data and minimise risks whilst identifying, interpreting, and alerting you to issues before or as they arise. As such, fleets are increasingly dependent on AI to help broaden visibility and allow them to react appropriately to any situation.

In an industry where telematics is key, the real-time abilities of AI and machine learning to correctly predict, analyse cause and effect and anticipate issues is vastly superior to using manual resources, which are often time-consuming and inefficient. When combined with the easy-to-use dashboards and workflows of a fleet management solution, then AI can prove a valuable asset to your business.

Driver safety is becoming more of a priority and as such, AI has provided companies with tools to improve road safety such as route optimisations, which is not only helping to reduce fuel cost and carbon emissions but is also helping to reduce the amount of traffic accidents on our roads.

Machine learning is making fleets smarter and more efficient. It is improving their bottom line and helping them take a proactive approach to the avoidance of issues, downtime, and liability.

How The Vehicle Group uses artificial intelligence

We understand that successful businesses use the right platform from which to build. Which is why we offer a range of Fleet Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and machine learning capability for your fleet. This enables you to get the best performance out of both your fleet and the current, innovative technology available to you. From preventative in-cab ADAS alerts to Driver Fatigue & Distraction detection, our advanced algorithms warn the driver whilst capturing the event and CCTV footage for fleet manager review.

To help you find the right driver safety solution for your fleet, our AI solutions include:

  • Fatigue & Distraction technology: An artificial intelligence solution that scans the face of the driver for signs of fatigue, distraction, and mobile phone use. This gives you real-time monitoring and in-cab alerts which ensures quick intervention can be made. It also detects and records speed during the event, but it only records when an event is detected, so your drivers have their privacy.
  • AI Blind Spot Detection & Driver Assistance: This is an artificial intelligence system that scans the blind spots of the vehicle, including for any pedestrians or cyclists and alerts the driver to action when needed. It uses visual and audio alerts, helping your drivers to avoid collisions. It can be retrofitted to any vehicle and is a brilliant addition to help protect the safety of your fleet.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance: This AI system scans the road ahead for potential hazards, such as pedestrians or stationary vehicles in the road, and alerts the driver when action is required. Using TVG’s unique technology, it captures the event and creates CCTV footage for fleet manager review.

Our artificial intelligent software capabilities offer more control to your business, enabling you to respond more quickly to unexpected challenges and situations. Ideal for protecting your assets and drivers during any incident.

We understand that sometimes it can take businesses some time to get used to a different platform and system, so that is why we provide UK based platform and product support and training. Our software is easy to implement and easy to use, with clear dashboards and processes, but we offer virtual online training to help you achieve a smooth rollout of the software and a dedicated UK account manager.

We have provided solutions to over 50% of the UK’s largest fleet operators. We take great pride in helping ensure the efficient and effective management of their fleet’s CCTV, safety, security and telematic requirements.

So, if your business is looking for an AI solution that analyses your telematics and provides reports that can be used to support fact-based decision making and business strategy, as well as helping to protect your fleet, then contact us on 0345 0 60 50 40 for your free demo.

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