Professional fleet telematics

Professional fleet telematics platform from TVG. A simple, yet powerful telematics solution.

FleetPro - Professional fleet telematics

Professional Level fleet telematics platform from TVG. Professional vehicle & driver management.


Professional vehicle tracking & driver management web based platform

Integrated camera telematics with live-view, alerts & download

Real-time map, reports, driver behaviour, mobile apps and more!



Powerful reports

Quickly see reports on a huge array of captured telemetry, such as journey stops, supply voltage, driver tachograph, routes, mileage, distance by days, fuel and many more useful features

We can even add custom features to suit your fleets needs




Configure your dashboard so you get the information that's important to you, as soon as you log-in

Choose from a multitude of KPIs for different vehicles, drivers or groups based on a variety of factors; including driver behaviour and fuel



Video telematics

Live-View and download footage while the vehicle is still at the scene of an incident

Instantly access footage from alerts like sudden braking or harsh cornering

Send notifications to the driver that their actions are being recorded


Even more features...

FleetPro has the most extensive list of features for any telematics platform on the market. And if can’t see a feature you’d like, we can probably make it for you.


Route Planning & Geo-Fencing


Geo-Fence specific vehicles, receive notifications, plan routes and download detailed reports.


Driver behaviour


Speeding, cornering and braking. Capture important driver behaviour metrics.


Group messaging


Send and receive messages and group messages with your drivers - you can even notify them of new tasks in the task manager.


Vehicle inspection


Stay up to date with all your vehicle inspections and receive dash board notifications on upcoming inspections.


Sharing & private use


Allow drivers to manage their vehicle work use and private use via the accompanying FleetPro driver app.


Driver sign in & sign out


Driver sign in & sign out is ideal if you have more than one driver for any specific vehicle. Instantly see when each of your vehicles have been driven and by whom.


Fuel management


Get detailed diagnostics and fuel reports to help you track MPG and reduce emissions. FleetPro has an extensive list of customisable fleet management reports for you to create.


Tachograph download


FleetPro can also be bundled with a sophisticated Tachograph monitoring solution. See your driver's logs and download detailed tachograph data reports and analysis over the air.

It even comes with supporting apps

FleetPro comes with a range of supporting mobile apps, all available to download,
for free, from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


FleetPro for Managers is the FleetPro mobile app that delivers all the functionality of the desktop version.


The FleetPro For Drivers app is designed for your drivers to communicate effectively with fleet managers.


Keep track of your vehicles GPS and your drivers GPS with this handy accompanying driver app.


Hub - Everything. In one hub.

Imagine if you could have all your fleet's telematics, FNOL, vehicle CCTV and event reporting unified in one place. With Pro Series Hub, you can have what you want.

With the VisonPro app inside PSHub, you can access live footage of your fleet - over the air, anywhere, anytime. Create evidence logs for driver training or legal issues, add comments and search by driver or vehicle. There’s even a mobile app so you can see your fleet when you’re on the road too.

With the AlertPro app inside PSHub you have access to the latest automatic crash detection and reporting across your fleet. Receive real-time notifications when an incident has occurred, without the need to manually search for the incident. The system can automatically send these notifications to your insurer at any time of the day, or night.

With FleetPro, you can easily manage your fleet using our simple, yet powerful web browser telematic platform. It has all the features you would expect from a telematics platform, AND integrated camera telematics featuring LiveView, download driver behaviour with captured footage and FNOL, plus many other innovative features.

With DataPro you have the option to capture near misses and/or review incidents for driver coaching & improvements. DataPro allows the user to score the incident and log for future reference. DataPro can also be configured to provide a whole range of bespoke telematic requirements. 

TachoPro is a highly sophisticated Tachograph monitoring solution. See your drivers logs and download detailed tachograph data reports and analysis over the air.


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