A CoreSeries device captures multiple OEM data-points from a vehicle for live reporting, diagnostics and seamless integration. Complex made simple.


A CoreSeries Device captures multiple OEM data-points from the vehicle for live reporting, diagnostics and seamless integration. Complex made simple.



Complex made simple

TVG’s CoreSeries technology captures, evaluates and transmits any OEM or third party vehicular data-point to TVG’s fleet management SaaS. Why have multiple vendors and applications for fleet management when you can have one?


Make the most
of your ECU

Manufacturers invest millions developing sophisticated sensor and diagnostic equipment for their vehicles. With CoreSeries technology, Fleet Managers can now see and evaluate this data in real time, across their fleets. Why use third party parasitic sensors (such as G-sensiors and accelerometers) when TVG's CoreSeries technology lets you access the OEMs?

Vehicle data delivered to your desktop

CoreSeries hardware works synchronously with TVG’s PSHub, TVG’s SaaS Fleet Management platform. Expand the boxes below to see what CoreSeries technology can do for your fleet ...

With the VisonPro app inside PSHub, you can access live footage of your fleet - over the air, anywhere, anytime. Create evidence logs for driver training or legal issues, add comments and search by driver or vehicle. There’s even a mobile app so you can see your fleet when you’re on the road too.

With the AlertPro app inside PSHub you have access to the latest automatic crash detection and reporting across your fleet. Receive real-time notifications when an incident has occurred, without the need to manually search for the incident. The system can automatically send these notifications to your insurer, no matter what day, or hour. 

With FleetPro you can easily manage your fleet using our simple to use, yet powerful, web browser telematic platform. You get all the features you'd expect from a telematics platform AND integrated camera telematics featuring LiveView, download driver behaviour with captured footage and FNOL plus many other innovative features available - click here for more info!

With DataPro you have the option to capture near misses and/or review incidents for driver coaching & improvements. DataPro allows the user to score the incident and log for future reference. DataPro can also be configured to provide a whole range of bespoke telematic requirements. 

TachoPro is a highly sophisticated tachograph monitoring solution. See your drivers logs and download detailed tachograph data reports and analysis over the air.

CoreSeries 1
CoreSeries 2
CoreSeries 3

Working with leading OEMs

TVG are constantly working with global OEM's to deliver ground breaking solutions such as CoreSeries technology. That's why leading fleets work with us.

VCA Certified

TVG’s technology, design, manufacturing facilities and quality assurance services have been inspected and approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency. One of the many reasons OEMs work directly with us.

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