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Five Reasons to Implement Fleet Management Software

Fleet management is an essential part of any business that has a heavy reliance on commercial vehicles. However, due to the complex logistical nature and high level of coordination required to manage and maintain a fleet, many companies are turning to fleet management software to help improve their efficiency and optimise their resources.

As digitalisation expands, using the technology available to streamline your management processes will not only improve your operations and asset-handling, but a fleet management software solution gives you the tools for scalability and the potential to compete in a global market.

If you are interested in how a fleet management solution could work for your business, then we have listed the top five reasons why you should be implementing fleet management software today.

Better Productivity & Efficiency

In any business or industry, improving efficiency is one of the top priorities. Efficiency improves productivity and profitability and by implementing fleet management software, you can streamline the governance and administration throughout all the stages of your fleet management. The tighter control and optimised governance that efficient fleet management software can give your business helps you achieve a greater productivity from staff, allowing you to utilise the saved time and resources elsewhere.  

By moving to a digital platform and automating your management procedures, you standardise your processes throughout your entire management system, which can improve administrative efficiency and optimise your organisational structure by revealing areas that may be lacking and helping staff communicate any issues that may arise during the management process.

This overall efficiency and control offered by the platform functionality of a fleet management solution can have numerous benefits throughout the organisational model, from sharing detailed reports, management, and dispatch workflows, to having actionable data which allows for fact-based decision making will improve productivity and gives you the necessary framework in place to allow for scalability.    

Enhanced Driver Safety

Driver safety is imperative to organisations to help keep both your drivers, and your assets as safe as possible. Fleet management software allows you to focus on driver behaviour and track driver performance to help improve road safety.

One of the biggest benefits of the software is the real-time technology, which sends immediate alerts regarding incidents and speeding, and with some platforms, such as the one offered by The Vehicle Group, you can have driver fatigue and distraction alerts with corroborating CCTV footage and immediate automated categorisation of any incident.

The tracking and monitoring abilities of fleet management software is a big step towards keeping our roads and your drivers safe.

Improved regulatory compliance

Ensuring your business maintains a high level of compliance with any external regulations that govern your industry in any area of operation, as well as monitoring your drivers and compliance with internal policies and procedures, is a hugely complex task. Fleet management software can help create effective risk strategies, which in turn helps your business achieve the level of compliance needed to boost reputation and not fall foul of the damage poor compliance can cause businesses, both financially and reputationally. 

The automation of fleet management software, allows for information and new policies to be easily communicated throughout your entire company. You can use notification features of certain platforms to send a notification out to every employee concerned when a policy or regulation has been changed or is up for review.  

Using automated technology can enforce standards and processes and increases the likelihood of compliance, whilst having better communication with your employees and making internal policies easily accessible online by allowing company-wide access within your software, enables a greater compliance with policies, by increasing the value and importance employees put on changing policies and regulations.  

Due to the ever-changing nature around regulations and compliance, a browser/cloud-based fleet management system can be vital in this digital age. An online system enables you to monitor any current incidents or driver tachograph from wherever you are, in real-time, and allows you to communicate with your drivers, ensuring they are always compliant with regulations.

Improved cost-efficiency

Fleet management software can have financial benefits to implementing such a system, especially compared with outdated processes. Improving overheads and cost efficiency are always high on any business’s priority list, but with continued vehicle maintenance and fluctuating fuel costs, in our industry, cost efficiency can become the difference between success and failure.

Because fuel expenses are one of the biggest outlays, it makes sense that this is where businesses can make cost efficient savings. Fuel tracking data is a huge benefit of fleet management software, as well as the route optimisation features, allowing you to reduce the cost of each journey and monitor your less productive operations. By identifying your drivers with a higher fuel consumption, you can help them become more efficient, rather than let those fuel costs continue to rise.

To help reduce long term spend, a robust, vehicle maintenance schedule should be in place, which is where fleet management software can help. By using the telematics data collected by the system, you can rectify any issues as well as creating a preventative maintenance schedule. Being proactive will always be more cost-effective than reacting to situations as they happen.

By keeping a tighter control of workflows and reducing the time spent by employees on manually managing tasks, efficiency and productivity will improve, which in turn improves business performance and can boost your bottom line.

By configuring your fleet management and choosing the correct features and tools to be included with the automated software, you can keep on top of any changes or events allowing you to assess and project long-term revenue. Also, configuring your management software to your companies needs and size, is a cost-effective method to streamline management and ensure a higher quality of governance throughout your business.    


Businesses and enterprises may be concerned about the ROI of implementing a digital solution into their current framework, but as technology pushes the world of business and economy firmly into the digital age, your business can take advantage of the financial benefits offered by improving overheads and containing your costs.  

Although fleet management software may look like a significant financial outlay, automating your fleet management by implementing fleet management software as part of your overall business administration, can help your business or organisation to gain the maximum amount of value from your assets and business strategy, whilst reducing both the time and resources spent on manual management. Being able to effectively monitor and track all areas of your fleet and the complex tasks associated with the management ensures you will get a high ROI from implementing an automated fleet management solution.  


The Vehicle Group Fleet management solution

With our comprehensive software package that includes the latest in innovative technology, The Vehicle Group offers various fleet management solutions with the capabilities to improve and simplify your fleet management into one, easy solution.  

At The Vehicle Group, our fleet management software can help your business with the strategic management tools and features needed to maximise the benefits from any fleet and operations. By using our software to automate and streamline your management processes and associated governance and administration, we offer a platform from which your business can succeed.  To give you an example of what our automated solution can offer you, here are some of the features available in our platform:

  • Fleet management & Asset Tracking
  • Multi-cam & AI Video Telematics
  • Real-time Tachograph
  • Cloud connected video telematics
  • Driver performance monitoring & risk insight
  • Incident detection with captured footage

Our intelligent software capabilities offer more control to your business, enabling you to respond more quickly to unexpected challenges and situations. Ideal for protecting your assets and drivers during any incident.

We understand that sometimes it can take businesses some time to get used to a different platform and system, so that is why we provide UK based platform and product support and training. Our software is easy to implement and easy to use, with clear dashboards and processes, but we offer virtual online training to help you achieve a smooth rollout of the software and a dedicated UK account manager.

We have provided solutions to over 50% of the UK’s largest fleet operators. We take great pride in helping ensure the efficient and effective management of their fleet’s CCTV, safety, security and telematic requirements. So, if you are looking for a fleet management solution to help your business succeed then why not contact us here at The Vehicle Group: 0345 0 60 50 40 for a free demo.

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