How Unified Telematics can improve your fleet management


Fleet management solutions powered by telematics technology have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years thanks to improved automation. With successful fleet management being one of the most important aspects of a thriving business, it is imperative that any telematics solution implemented into your business is both cost productive and efficient to … Read more

Protect your vehicles and your assets with telematics


With fleet vehicle and asset theft a common issue for fleet-based businesses, many of them are now looking for ways to minimise the costs associated with theft. However, that isn’t the only issue facing fleet managers. According to the Department of Transport’s most recent update on travel statistics* personal use of company vehicles account for … Read more

How Artificial Intelligence is becoming the future of Fleet Management

How Artificial Intelligence is becoming the future of Fleet Management

As technology advances and digitalisation has become standard practice for businesses that want to have a competitive edge in increasingly saturated markets, it was simply a matter of time before innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) became part of available, mainstream technological solutions. Automation is well known for the streamlining of processes and increasing efficiency and productivity, especially regarding the repetitive manual tasks … Read more

Five Reasons to Implement Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management

Fleet management is an essential part of any business that has a heavy reliance on commercial vehicles. However, due to the complex logistical nature and high level of coordination required to manage and maintain a fleet, many companies are turning to fleet management software to help improve their efficiency and optimise their resources. As digitalisation … Read more

Future Proof Your Telematics Platform

FleetPro Unified Telematics
FleetPro Unified Telematics

Future Proof Your
Telematics Platform

Some of the factors to consider when
selecting your next telematics provider.  

Modern telematics platforms are just as much about road safety & visibility as they are about fleet management and tracking. Today’s advanced telematics platforms have moved way beyond the traditional ‘dot-on-a-map’ solution, and the serious players are now just as focused on safety within their platforms. They are offering unified systems that come with video telematics, driver behaviour technologies, risk management, complex reporting and even artificial intelligence.

Telematics today encompasses a whole new ecosystem of additional hardware. Mobile Phones, tablets and associated driver apps are now a big part of the offering. Moving into the future, as cellular data bandwidth expands from 4G to 5G, even more hardware and functionality will be available to fleet managers who have invested in choosing a system where road safety and visibility are integral to the improvement of their operations.

So what should the ‘future-proofing’ fleet operator be looking for? And what functionality should you really be expecting from a fully unified solution? Here’s at TVG we have a simple check list to help fleet operators make the right decision:

Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

Every provider should cover the basics such as asset tracking, geo-fencing and fuel. But look for more! … Additional sensor data such as real-time axel weight monitoring and reefer temperature can be invaluable data to have access to. Accompanying driver apps with real-time vehicle inspection uploading and defect reporting via tablets or smartphones should also be considered, as well as additional job management and fleet utilisation functionality.  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT FLEET MANAGEMENT & ASSET TRACKING

Multi Camera & AI Video

“Multi” is the key word here! The serious players now come with forward facing dash-cams and driver facing cameras – but what about the blind spot, cargo area, or the rear of the vehicle? If you’re investing in video, make sure you have all your bases covered, or at the very least, the ability to be able to plug this solution in later on without having to change provider, or get an additional provider for the service. Fleets are increasingly dependent on Artificial Intelligence to interpret their environments, broaden visibility, deepen their knowledge, and react appropriately, so choose a provider who can offer you these features too.  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MULTI CAMERA & AI VIDEO

Driver Performance & Risk insight

Harsh braking, speeding, harsh cornering, even excessive engine idling. All of these metrics help you form an incredibly detailed picture of how your drivers are performing. Look for a solution that will help you empower your drivers to improve. If you’re investing in video, look for a solution that recognises when a significant event, or a driver behaviour event, has occurred, automatically capturing the video footage and neatly packaging it for real time notification and review.  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT DRIVER PERFORMANCE AND RISK INSIGHT

Tachograph and Compliance

The top providers will also have the functionality to be able to tap into real-time tachograph data. Look for a system that gives you full, fleet wide tachograph visibility as it is happening, allowing you to maximize driver’s hours, download full monthly reports from the vehicle’s in-cab tachograph and notifying you of potential infringements – before they happen!   FIND OUT MORE ABOUT TACHOGRAPH AND COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT

Ongoing Support & Platform Training

Ensuring you have a provider who can support your team with the right training and ongoing support is vital. Look for a provider with serious experience in this area and the resource to be able handle your requests. There’s nothing more infuriating than being put through to “the switch-board” so a named account manager is always beneficial.

In summary, ensuring your telematics platform is geared as much towards road safety, visibility and risk management as it is towards logistical management, is a safe bet when choosing your next telematics provider. These road safety and visibility technologies improve driver performance and make fleets smarter and more efficient. They are improving their bottom lines and helping them take a pro-active approach to the avoidance of issues, downtime and liability.

What functionality should you really be expecting from a fully unified solution?

telematics section images driver performance 1
telematics section images driver performance 3
telematics section images video 2

“Today’s advanced telematics platforms have moved way beyond the traditional ‘dot-on-a-map’ solution, and the serious players are now just as focused on safety within their platforms.”

NV Transport Agrees 5 Year Deal with The Vehicle Group.

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TVG Secure Contract with the UK’s Largest Specialist Kitchen Retailer

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Wren Kitchens, one of the largest kitchen manufacturers and retailers in Europe, has chosen The Vehicle Group (TVG) to install Vehicle CCTV Technology to all of its fleet and it’s de-mount boxes. Operating a national network of showrooms across the UK, Wren manufacture, supply and fit kitchens to the public. “Working with such a blue … Read more

TVG awarded contract with Peter Green Chilled

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